There's not much here for now.

This site is under construction.

23 November 2019

I am still doing Nanowrimo but I feel sick so I decided to make a start on a page for Databending. Because I LOVE databending and I don't do it enough.

07 August 2019

I added a Warnings page in regards to certain aspects of the site.

30 July 2019

So I realised I'd made all the links unclickable. Whoops! Fixed!
Also working on more things. Like Links. Links are good.

29 June 2019

I'd tried to get something pride-y up before the end of June but my CSS is all but forgotten.

So this page is kinda hacky and I very clearly need to re-learn a lot.

The banner features an immortal lesbian character of mine called Gillian.

You can find a more high quality version of the Gillian Image here

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